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Welcome!  We are so glad that you found our site.  It is in its very early stage of development, and we hope that you will check back from time to time to learn about new service that we offer or just to keep in touch.  To often today companies are cutting costs by eliminating people, but here at Abbott Building Service we pride ourselves on our people.  We mention this because while we hope that as our web presence grows that it will become an added convenience for our clients, but technology will never be a replacement for the type of customer service that you get from working directly with a real person.  Until the website gets up to speed (and even after) we encourage you to give us a call.  We always enjoy hearing from our clients and meeting people that may become future clients.

For those of you that are not clients yet, you may be asking why you could chose us for your building maintenance needs.  If you weren't before I hope you are now, so I will tell you...

Today's business world is an uncertain one, and we are surrounded by phrases like "to big to fail," and news of the latest corporate takeover etc.  We understand that these catch phrases can have a real impact on your ability to do business.  We are locally owned, big enough to serve your needs, but not too big to care about your business.

To learn more about our services and why we are the best choice please give us a call!


The Abbott Building Service Team

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